Get things ready for Firenze4ever at LuisaViaRoma

It's been a long week the one I spent in Florence for “Pitti Immagine Uomo” and severals fashion shows. I started my journey with Firenze4ever II, an event organized by the historical shop LuisaViaRoma that, to open the dances of the Fashion Week, hosted lots of guests and fashion bloggers from all over Italy. With a bit of surprise i received the invitation and I left for Florence with my friend Riccardo Terzo, blogger for PearlShores, and there I would have found my friends, they're bloogers too, from Rome Andrea Ravieli for TheBlog and Cecilia Musmeci for the Le Paradox ( she is also a new entry in my blog writing a post a week ).
For a week, not knowing what I was going to do, I brought with me my entire wardrobe, hoping to have for every occasion the perfect outfit.
Here the pictures of our preparations before the event, Andrea decided to ware faded skinny jeans, Dr. martens, a t-shirt with chains bought in London and a classic cut black jacket that gave to the entire outfit a mixed casual and elegant attitude. Cecilia decided to impress the guests wearing a white dress from Asos, with lateral peaks and frontal cutst hat shown the belly, super futuristic with the wedges from the new collection by Lorenzi, white those too, sculpture sandals, to expose at home instead to ware, due to the difficulty of the heel completely made of white wood. A perfect match completed by the white fur by Zara.
About my outfit, i wanted to propose a very personal look, so i created, in collaboration with Toyforjoy a dress for the line Mon Coeur” made of peach silk supposed to be a proposal for the Spring coming, a bit of color to break the gray days of December. A unique dress for a special occasion, to stand out and be elegant at the same time. A vintage fur and a bordoux Yves Saint Laurent clutch, as the lipstick (already used in other outfits) of the same color of the dress. Now we're ready for the party. Click on Read More to see more pics.

15 gennaio 2011


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