Lee Oliveira

Behind The Scenes

I like Lee Oliveira because he is like a fresh-baked cinnamon cake: a bit tingly yet irresistible. Besides being a great streetstyle photographer, I love him for his audacity, symptom of his passion for photography. Thank you for finding me a taxi that preserved me from the cold of New York. Here a little interview in exclusive for JouJouVilleroy.

Lee Oliveira mi piace perchè ha il sapore di un dolce appena sfornato al gusto di cannella. Pizzica un pò perchè è energizzante ma uno tira l' altro inevitabilmente. Oltre ad essere un bravo fotografo di streetstyle stimo la sua temeriarietà, sintomo della passione per la fotografia. Grazie per avermi trovato un taxi che mi salvasse dal freddo di New York. Qui una piccola intervista in esclusiva per JouJouVilleroy.

What do you do to live ? I am a street Style Photographer and Fashion Consultant. 
Which cities inspire you most doing your job? Milan and Paris
What does it mean for you the world of street style? Street Style opens up a whole new world of fashion for me. Seeing someone put something together from there wardrobe without a team of stylist is much more exciting and I love the individual creativity.
What do you think is the future of streetstyle photography? Street Style will always be there as many new trend ideas start from what we see on the street. It definitely opens a lot of different opportunities  into the fashion industry.
There is some photographers do you admire among all? I don't really have a favourite photographer as such as there are many different styles of photography I admire and respect. The amount of work all the streets style photographers put into it is very inspiring. For me, its all about the photo it self. 
What do you see in your travels through your lens?  I see and capture through my lens beautiful people, bubbly personalities with an explosion of impeccable style in 1 photo. 

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Bella Q

I too, adore Lee! I first adore him for his sharp eye and the compassion he gives his fashion subjects. Then I adore Lee the man- handsome as a freight train, and sweet as pie! I've got a permanent crush on him for sure! Whenever I want to see an interesting perspective of street style I check in with Lee- his images always gives me a thrill about fashion and the lovely people his pictures portray.

2013-02-20 20:00:45

I looooove Lee and his photos!

2013-02-20 10:21:53